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Yammer Ruby Gem

One of our core premise when creating has always been: “leave the world in a better place than the way you found it”. It can seem a bit strange when you consider that we are a web startup that’s focusing on product management and product managers. However, a consequence of this, is that we strongly believe in open source. We build our software to run on a stack that’s mostly powered by open source software (Linux, postgres, ruby, rails, etc). And our way to be true to our values is to release the Yammer Ruby Gem under an open source license (MIT).

We haven’t been working on for long however, even before we are ready to launch our app, we are already contributing back. We have a lot of people to thank, in particular everyone that created the awesome Twitter Ruby Gem as we built ours based on their great work (standing on the shoulders of giants).

This Gem allows a ruby developer to use the Yammer API pretty seamlessly. A key part of the design is to simplify and reduce the complexity of interacting with external APIs. We have taken the same approach as the Twitter Gem, simple, concise interfaces that make the interaction with the API simple so you can focus on your logic and application.

The Yammer Ruby Gem is at version 0.1.0, a very early release. We haven’t implemented all the APIs methods, however we wanted to share it from the very beginning, to make sure that our friends, colleagues (and whoever needs it) can make good use of it, extend it, add tests, write documentation, etc. 


We are heavy users of Yammer and when we noticed that there wasn’t a recent, currently supported Ruby Gem for the Yammer API, it was clear to us that we needed to create one and share it as soon as we had a working version even when far from complete or comprehensive. 

If you find it useful, consider contributing to it by forking the project on github.

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